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For now is the Hour of  My Discontent !

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Re: Which gun to buy

Re: Which gun to buy

I see and hear this so often that I thought.. why not just answer here and let the chips fall where they should!



Postby WildernessReturn » Thu Feb 21, 2013 4:54 pm

You need to put more info in there are too many variables.

male/female – age – size – location – end use for firearms which are tools, think.. roofing hammer vs cabinetry finishing hammer or cobblers hammer.

Now that being said, if you have no experience;
air rifle/ hand gun
.22 cal rifle / hand gun

who… these can be used anywhere, cheap ammo, cheap to practice with, will be useful at any time in the future, quiet and some are just fun to play with.

I suggest you wade through the endless reams of pages on the different aspects already posted by others for firearms. Remember it becomes a heated debate sometimes. So wade through the BS.. search the nuggets of meat in the gravy of info. Since I was a kid, I was always told by many many experts along with Military training;
.22 cal
(not bb and pellet are also in .177 and .22 cal) as common sizes

Next look at what you want;
Main battle rifle
combat shooting IPSC – PPC
etc etc

terrain, type of coverage, what is your ability, your size, resistance and aptitude, so many factors.
shoot in bush only, long open spaces like the prairies (yup.. bush there too)
do you want a round with a flat trajectory or a high arc, how about a low arc of travel.

go to the local gun/rifle range, sports club and learn from there, but it all starts after you learn the proper use, handling, control and storage of any firearm, rifle, shotgun, hand gun, archery equipment, sling shot, etc.

so good luck and post more info there, or request clarifying info, that is best as well. Cheers ~Wild_E


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just follow the link and you will see what overloaded really means!

go take a look, I know you want too!


I dare you to try doing this!


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Survival Doll

I saw a link to this and thought it was a joke, but do you know what this little doll is one of the very best Survival ideas I have seen. Go and take a look at this little Jem, I could see a few of them being made or similar projects which could be created along the same thought pattern.

This is not my idea, just sharing the info the best way possible,

cheers ~Wild_E

Here is the first blurb

Impressive Survival Doll a Survivalist or Preppers’ hidden cache.

when all else fails Survival Dolls

Whether earthquake, tornado, terrorist attack, the rapture, or an alien invasion from outer space, you have only to grab your survival doll and run.
Concealed within this innocent-looking, seemingly worthless doll is everything you will need to survive just about anything that could possibly happen.



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Hallmark Hollidays

Valentines Day Blaaaaa

Roses are Red
Violets are .. you want a what?
– you want a Divorce! well now too bad all the chocolate, your favourite chocolate that took me over 2 weeks to collect for you, all over the Region we live in is all Milk Chocolate, just for you!

What was your Favourite, Most Memorable Gift on Valentines day: Well you read what my most MEMORABLE event was a couple of years ago, so how about you sharing what yours was, good or bad or how about just plain silly?

Hallmark Holidays !
– keeping money out of your pockets since the 50s

just for fun, just for laughs – share and make people smile will ya!


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Earthbag & Eco house site

Here is someone after my own heart. This fellow has two sites both dedicated to creating and sharing Eco housing options.

On his sites you will find many fine Eco Friendly housing options for anywhere in the world and pricing per sqft that enable even people with hardly any money at all able to afford these Eco Houses and buildings. Perhaps you start here, build the Eco Buildings, Earthbag buildings or strawbale infill buildings, then in 10 yrs or so, build a standard style house although why would you want to after living in something so nice and cozy?

build an Eco House in the woods or jungle

Jungle Eco House

The original building can now be used as a guest cottage, writing or craft area or a deluxe and eco friendly barn of sorts. These people offer plans in a lot of different styles and to their great credit, they also offer Free Plans as well. Most of the Shelters can be made from mostly local materials, created on site, or say make the base and walls then put on a prefab truss roof, the combinations are endless here folks.

Here is a great post from the WordPress Earthbag plans blog Water Tower apartments, follow read and let your imagination run wild!

Negative comments directed to me in the past when I say that my future holds me building an alternate house, the comments turn to; it will be dark, dreary, damp, closed in and ugly! Well now most of those comments where by people who live in Sticks and Bricks houses in the city. (sticks and bricks refer to standard 2×4 with brick veneer construction type houses)

My kind of house has thermal mass for the walls and no need for expensive pink insulation, uses the material from the land, no need for expensive huge Carbon footprint to make them. Most of them look very interesting, something that makes you want to smile and go in and see what else there is to see of the place. These are not free houses, or caves or simple dug outs with tarps/sticks and mud over them, however I have slept in all of those and they were mostly comfortable as well, with one exception! Heat the buildings with Rocket Mass Heaters info here, or with Bio Heating via the Jean Pain Method and you will be assured of cozy living with a small Eco and Carbon Footprint, Mother Earth will be most happy if you do so.

very nice designs

You could make this from two Yurts, Earthen Yurts, Earthbag, Strawbale or what ever the mood and materials take you to

Personally I am hoping to build a few different Eco Buildings, one a Mike Oehler’s $50 & Up Underground House Book, another a Yurt, then a modified Canadian Winter Yurt which will be a cross between a round house a pit house a straw bale house with a ceiling and covering of all natural materials with a living green roof.

Take a trip over to his blog and new website, they love to teach, and help out which is abundantly clear in his writings and responses to queries. The trip is more than worth the click.

How about this one, Triple Dome Survival Shelter

survival shelter and long term living underground dome

Survivalists take not of the Triple dome Survival Shelter

The preceding info pictures and plans are from;
Earthbag House Plans 
Natural Building Blog

all pages and writings copyright @ WildernessReturn


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Ultimate Zombie Survival Shotgun Revisited

Ultimate Zombie Survival Shotgun Revisited.

Nice little article on a site from a fellow with lots of experience and good advice. Follow the link to see this article and comments!



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Maintenance Greasing Hubs

If you do maintenance on vehicles and trailers then you know spring time is grease the wheel hubs time. A few days ago I noticed this little jem of an improvement on my buddies car hauling trailer. The simple addition of the grease nipples on the hubs is so simple that it is astounding.
hub with grease nipple simple modification

hub with grease nipple

Normally to grease the hubs you must remove the cover (some set-ups need the tires removed others do not), then remove the cotter pin, unbolt the centre locking device. Now I say locking device because it is not always a large nut, just something to lock the bearings in place.

Next you must remove the bearings, clean them completely then compact grease them. Double check that the grease is impacted around the bearings then re-install, doing everything in reverse!

Addition of the grease nipples on the hub covers ensures the following;
– daily to monthly greasings mean security for the bearings
– ease and quickness of greasing the hubs to the point of just a few pumps a month
– no more big grease the hubs adventures in the spring when there is so much more to do
– grease just before winter storage, drive the trailer around the yard or to town to make sure the grease is warmed and flowing around the bearings
– park the trailer, add one to two more pumps, then in the spring, do that again and hook

OFF you go!
WOW so simple and fast so easy, so why have I never seen anyone do this before?

dual grease ease of maint

hub with grease nipple simple modification for ease of maintenance

To make this mod yourself;
– remove the bearing hubs,
– clean
– drill a hole for the grease nipple
– install grease nipples on the hubs
– replace onto the trailer hubs, make sure they are on snug
– grease them up, drive till warm
– grease one more time to make sure the cavity is full now and you have the proper amount of grease in there

Now off to another maintenance job, or plant more seedlings, or play with the dog, or the Girlfriend or Wife (note those activities although playtime would be different per person involved!)

all pages and writings copyright @ WildernessReturn


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Update about, Hey LOOK shiny…. ….


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Cloud Atlas the Movie

Is the movie Cloud Atlas about Censorship and the Death of Hope or the Awakening of Hope,  as much as it is about the Living Souls Journey?
Caution if your cup is full, you may not like my awakening comments and thoughts.

This is not a review; this is an introspective eye and direct Brain response thought process. Some, who read this blog, will not like those comments!

Inside thoughts shared aloud

…………… … 


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