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Easy breazy cover … foilage

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Videos of my Cane Corso x Great Dane

 She is a female Cane Corso crossed with a Great Dane, she weighs about 135lbs, is about 3 1/2 yrs old.

Cane Corso x Great Dane with a very big stick they are strong and very quick dogs

Here you can see her paws and a very quick zoom by, by Zelda.

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Fire, Snow and cooking
Re-Blogging and Linking to two separate articles here. Rogers Blog where he explains how to setup a campfire and a new to Youtuber, a prepper and self reliant buddy of mine who has a done a series of videos to show people how to make a winter shelter and how to build a winter fire. 

This is a skill that anyone who lives in any climate where there is cold and winter should know of. This post will have some of my own info included, some re-blogged info from Roger’s blog along with a re-blogged video series from a ex Canadian Military buddy of mine who lives way out in the flatlands of Canada!

This winter campfire photo was taken in January a couple of years ago. The next photo shows the same fire pit in the summer time.

A great way to build a fire in winter if you have a camping spot for year round use or look for established camping spots along any trail or campground. Remember you do not have to always re-invent the wheel, just keep it simpler and it works.
firepit lrgb

Same firepit in summer time as the winter shot above.

A blog post by RMACTSC where he explains how to setup a campfire
…. excerpt.. 
KINDLING is the foundation of any fire. It is made of lightweight materials that are capable of burning quickly and igniting heavier materials. Kindling can be made from a mixture of twigs, tiny sticks, slivers of shaved wood, dried leaves, paper, cardboard, cotton balls, dryer lint, birch bark, dried grass, dried pine needles, etc. You’ll be using small sticks to then form a tepee and get your fire started. …. read more….

The following link is to the topic of winter fire on the forum
… If you are in the bush and had nowhere to make a fire but on the snow, and no rocks were available because they’re all under the snow and ice, what would you do? … read more

The new YouTubers in action, building a winter fire and winter shelter heated by fire

Canadian Candle Fire on snow

The next is a series of photos created while I was at Buroak Wilderness Adventures this summer. The owner of the camp a buddy of mine created a stunning all season fireplace/pit. Just look at all the features this cooking camp fire pit has;

  • flat rock for use as a warming centre and for putting objects on like the kettle
  • lots and I mean lots of hanging hooks all created from hardwood branches
  • excellent over the camp stand
  • excellent front and back projection areas
  • not seen in the photo is a canvas cook’s tent which is close enough to the fire to catch heat from this in the fall/winter/spring making your old bones just a bit more comfortable!

Buroak Wilderness 012bb

Excellent campfire setup.

Buroak Wilderness 031bb

This shot shows the ease at which cooking at various heights is accomplished.
Buroak Wilderness 039bb

Dinner is almost ready, can you not just smell the yummy goodness! Fresh field potatoes, fresh picked corn (non gmo), fresh farm raised free range chicken.

Kinda making me hungry all over again! Plus the smell of freshly brewed coffee all cooked on hard and softwoods.

Remember the old ways, remember this is how Humans have lived for thousands upon thousands of years.

This is one of the reasons your computer screen saver is of the outdoors and not your bosses cubical or office! just saying !

Hopefully these skills will be appeal to you, so get out and learn or get out and practice but above all just get out and have some fun folks!
Until next time Cheers ~wild_E

Come on out to the forums at where we talk about this stuff and so much more for prepping, self-reliance, homesteading and survival skills.


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Cute Little Girl Signs Xmas play

This is just a feel good video for folks to watch and only 3.5 min long

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for fun at doggy park

just for fun !

Zelda at doggy park, this is the first time she ever played tug with another dog that I know of. She was also gentle to this little fellow while playing as well.

cane corso cross playing tug with a little beagle in dog park

Zelda playing tug with little dog


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Header Imagery

This is a silly post, a post on my header pics so nothing more than just a smile for me and hopefully for some of you as well.

The Top two, are considerations for the next header, though I am not sure where I will go after the current Header Image.


Sunbathing Dog

The two on top of this line are maybe Header Images

The next sets are in order of appearance from Newest to oldest.

pioneer village in Pickering Ontario, Blacksmiths shop

pioneer village in Pickering Ontario, Blacksmiths shop


exploring in the farm

The end of my Driveway Scenery, field of wheat with trees in the forground to the right and in the background

The end of my Driveway Scenery

Northern Ontario Sunset, oranges and reds ontop of water, looking like fire water

Northern Ontario Sunset

Most in the forest illuminated in the center from the sunshine above

Most in the forest illuminated in the center from the sunshine above

stock image WordPress for header, blue trees with frost

stock image WordPress for heater

Well the only similarity for the Header pics are that they are Horizontal and taken by me, except for the blue tree image supplied by WordPress.


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New Header Pic

I like looking at clouds any time of the day, but my favourite time of the day is Sunrise and Sunset.

My Grandmother once told me that the rays of light you see are the souls going up to Heaven. It is a nice thought and comforting to see as well.
In this picture which is the end of my driveway, well to be exact it is across the road from the end of my driveway and a great source of contentment for me as well.

I give this image to the world so you may see one of my views, thus preserving in our minds a shared image of such natural beauty.
Dedicated to R & D across the world from Zelda and I, so enjoy a little Canadian Sunshine from us to you.

CHEERS to all.

sunset showing streams of light and a light pinkish colour along the cloud edges

Sunset time with the souls returning to whence they came.


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Since my last blog on Thundercloud people

Actually since blogging this, the Sun came out and everyone,, and I mean everyone has been sunny disposition, friendly, happy, smiling, cheerful and just nice people!


me all geared up for the sleep clinic full of probes and tubes and accessories, now sleep like normal,, right!

I am like this most times, when not in pain, smiling and looking on the bright side of life

So, thank you Universe for letting me know that there are good people in the world that help overcome the Thunderheads and Soul suckers out there!

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Photo of the week updated

Always give a helping hand

see pic in bottom right corner of the blog

little elephant helps little kitten get out of stream by bending down and giving trunk to kitten so it can climb out

Always give a helping hand


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