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Well I have written up a storm since Friday night. Working on the WDJ Novella, Waking Divergent Journals, so far concentrating on writing only and no editing at all except for major spelling errors that sometimes make even me go.. huuhhh what was that word supposed to be in actuality and not this mess of hodge podge letters?

The amounts to approximately 8-10 chapters so far, started Book 2 of the Journals. I posted this as I am sure you’re all waiting with bated breath, LOL..

Cheers to you one and all.

p.s. made up 3 penny stoves today with 2 small wind deflectors, modified one of my oil lamps, re-wicked two other oil lamps with larger natural fibre jute string and of course played with the dog quickly in the rain.

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added Waking Day 4.5 Writing Exercise

Day 4.5 of Waking, time 2 am Woke up again, can not go back to sleep so thought I would find the Poem or  Essay, Writing Exercise that I wrote from last year about Coyotes. This was one of the first things that I wrote after not writing for over a year, other than the online blog that I had started.

 Quick Writing Exercise

Title / Reference info: What is this about

Fiction or Real situation: real situation

From: source, external or yourself: external and internal

Date: 2012-11-11

Idea or Situation: The Theme or exercise; Wilderness Dance, Coyote Challenge

What are we writing today, what is the Theme – Wilderness Dance Primal entity

The man stands in mute testimony to the quiet night, watching the fireflies in the meadow below him. The distant sky is awash in cloud based lightning strikes, in the distance, soft thunder rumbles in answer to the bright light show of the night-time clouds. Across the meadow, down in the trees a couple of Coyotes start they’re nightly howling. Calling out to their brothers, sisters and cousins in the nearby meadows and tree stands.

The call is raised, the others across the nearby land respond; calling, challenging, answering and communicating in the primal world they still inhabit. The Fireflies dance along the meadow, the ridge in blissful un-awareness as the other night-time creatures goes about their business.

Quickly a tiny field mouse scurries by in the thick grasses near the Man’s feet, he sees the direction with his ears, in his senses. He smiles realizing he is returning to the primal night-time stalker, sentry and soldier that he was in the past. Slowly he raises his blades, calls out to the other night-time predators, here I am come and get me. The Coyotes in the lower meadow pause in their calls as he rasps the back of the blades together, the metallic challenge goes unanswered.

He waits, issues another challenge softly calling, here I am come and get me, I am old, I am alone with only blades of steel to meet sharp fangs and claws. This time he issues the metal challenge by softly hitting the back of the hilts together; his eyes adjusting in their night vision eagerly seeks out the four legged predators, waiting.

The challenge is not answered though a set of eyes, seek him out from across the small valley, regard him for a few minutes, then move off quietly. The man, more soldier now than many years of city living, sheaths his blades, casually swats off a pesky mosquito as he smiles.

He smiles for he is returning to the Wilderness, his wild side, the soldier the predator, the side of him that will keep him company, keep him alive in the years to come.

He is returning to himself and is happier than he has felt for years, the shallow veneer of the so-called civilization that he is pealing back replacing with calm and fortitude for his Wilderness Return.

Perhaps they will dance tomorrow night, he will be ready as he is training daily, for the dance to come. As the night darkens, the storm moves even farther away in the night, the man moves much more quietly back to his camp, his true home, in the


(WDJ)Waking Divergent Journal Index Page

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added Waking Day 4.5 Writing Exercise

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More to come soon …. 


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Waking Day 4

Day 4 of Waking  Weird my world and maybe the world around me has changed forever and I go and check email! No new messages

Acronyms was my second last email, to someone. They were wondering about all the Acronyms in the Canadian Prepper’s Board. What a silly last email to send, I wish now that instead of telling him to go search, I had found the page and directed him to it.

My phone, I have been looking around and leaving messages, written out for people to call my phone, then I go and leave it in the Van. Worse than that, I have forgotten to make any calls myself. That is the fuzziness talking again, that weird buzzing in my ears and lack of oxygen from my Lung problem(s) in my head.

But I am getting away ahead here. That is not how the day started at all!


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Waking Journal Novella

Weird my world and maybe the world around me has changed forever

(Edited NOTE: This is my writing therapy and a means to get back into writing. I am hoping to improve my style, my writing skills which include my spelling and grammar. Sentence structure as well as speaking / speaker structure needs work as well. Positive, creative, helpful posts and comments will stay. Rude and downright mean-spirited remarks will be deleted, my blog, my writing my rules. Remember you’re a guest here!)
I like this Journal Cover, follow the link to the blog of the person who created it

I like this Journal Cover, follow the link to the blog of the person who created it

This is a cover for the Journal, follow to a very cool blog on how to make this, before the world ends

 ….. Bet that got him thinking as the world went crazy around him! ……..
This is my Journal since my Waking,
waking up into this strange world!
  .. other days and writings to follow, there will be a separate Novella started as well.
  Both will be written at the same time, both will be published as they are written  so I suggest you   follow them as a per day instalment  There will be jumps and days missing in titles, but these are just  jumps in writing times and dates, they will still flow along.
The Static pages will be updated at the same time hopefully, WordPress is hard to do that sometimes.

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