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Not posting enough so, here is a smile and thought all in one!


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Depressed, Mental Health Day

There is no choice on getting angry, we just get angry even going to the bathroom is stressful, never mind exercise or going out. 

…. Here – A normal non depressed person thinks of the world more like a photo of a clear lovely day. 

– A depressed person views the world more like standing inside a swirling fog. …. 

Despite knowing better as people say, when you are that depressed there is only swirling confusing fog. No Rational thoughts, nothing other than that fog that only amplifies pain and sadness. Nothing more.
Now, try to picture yourself talking to somebody inside a shower. That is also like being depressed. Remember when you were the person in the shower trying to hear and understand or trying to use the shower to block everything out for a little while. ..

…  … Mental Health, Depression

Hopefully the imagery helps a bit. 


Below are just SOME Helpful words we here, every day, many times a day, day in and day out! 

Honestly how a lot of us think. Another hatred we hear all the time; “ya, I’ve been sad too!”….. Really, the next time I hear that they might talk with a lisp, for a long time.
… Another reason I only post once in a while honestly.


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Data plan.

So, no updates. Why not, well no data left so until Thursday morning, text only.


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Tonight’s walk over the old Mine Site

Just an evening stroll over and through the old Mine site. You could say we were walking on gold and you would be right actually. 

So across the Mine Site through the woods we go. Nice wee lake on the other side was a happy surprise for us both.

You will also see my new Columbia Trail Hikers, lucked out with the buy. Found them at John’s Tackle in New Liskard for $55 less than in KL ! 😎

Found some paw prints that are bigger than Zelda’s

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Xclass flare tonite

Level 2 Xclass flare tonite. North America and Europe. 

Chances of it affecting electronics like laptops is higher.

Suggestions are to put phones, computers in a Faraday cage are recommended. Faraday cages can be made quickly if needed. I just heard about this a half hour ago, so improvised or scrounge crafted for me right now. 

Laser printer, laptop, tablet and phones go into my large tickle trunk, wrapped in tin foil. This larger travel trunk is made of metal which is one of the reasons I bought it at the garage sale. 

Scrounge crafted cages you might do would be; everything wrapped in aluminum/tin foil and set into, microwave (unplugged from wall), large metal garbage pail (also called an alarm clock by most combat arms people). If nothing else, into the foil and under piles of blankets. Fill up water jugs and fill gas tanks (if you can afford to do so). 

Edited in… Metal pots and lids, metal bowels, cookie tins, bread pans, anything metal that can be sealed. Keep items away from the wall using cardboard or foam. To be even more sure, wrap metal tape, the type for duct work around the rims.

Lots of luck and see you on the other side! 

Cheers wild_E 


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WoW, just wow!


Just Fricken WoW…

My buddy Paul out in BC answered one of those simple questions online. I noticed his answer,

 thought about for just a minute, thought right answer.  Then to what do my wandering eyes should appear, OVER 30k answers to this simple question. 

I clicked on his answer then looked at the answers just after and that’s when I realized this Human populated world is DOOMED !

See for yourself, ffs!!

…  Edited in note: if you dare, read the post by a fellow named Matt. O my, O my, just taken to a whole new level, or lowered, not sure which?!

: O 

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Hi Fresh Northern Ontario Blueberries

Fresh Northern Ontario Blueberries, were my freshly picked after sandwich treat. 

I like stopping in out of the way, out of people’s reach places to explore. 

Zelda loves to explore as well.

Cheers, wild_E


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